Artwork Auctions

Artwork Auctions

During the last two decades, auctions of the art works has become a great business in the cruise ships,
making an annual revenue over 300 million US dollars. Approximately 300,000 items of artwork are sold
in every year. Park West gallery is the biggest player of the art auctions in the cruise ships, selling art
works on Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, Holland America and Oceania. Auctions organized by the Park
West have become a great earning source for the cruise ships companies as these auctions are popular
to the people.

But some of the customers have complained that they were deceived while buying art works from Park
West Auctions. One of these customers is Luis Maldonado who was travelling with his wife in 2006
with cruise ship. On that time, there was an auction organized by the Park West and Mr. Maldonado
became interested and decided to stop there. They were welcomed by the auctioneer. Mr. Maldonado
astonished to see the artworks by Picasso and he was told by the auctioneer that the artworks were
museum quality and it was a good investment because according to him, they were offering 40 percent
off on the items. Then Mr. Maldonado decided to bid on the items and finally his bid won the artwork.
He was thinking that he got these precious art works at a cheap price.

However, after returning at California he thought why not doing some research on the purchases and
once he had done some researched, he wondered he was deceived. These artworks were fairly cheap
and he paid about five times than the actual price. They weren’t even real.

Mr. Maldonado asked Park West to refund the money several times, but he was unsuccessful. The
founder of the Park West, Albert Scaglione told regarding this issue that if we could have clarified our
pricing to the customer, he would have different points of view. However, Park West agreed to refund
the money after the New York Times asked Mr. Scaglione regarding this issue.

Although Park West finally offered to refund the money, it is better to care about your valuables. In
these days, it is sometimes possible to cover personal property of reasonable value along with travel
medical coverage.

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