Playing with Color -> Finding Turnips, Pumpkins

Playing with Color -> Finding Turnips, Pumpkins

The Last Dyeing?

This past weekend I spent several hours in the dye studio, taking advantage of the beautiful hot fall Denver weather. Today the cold weather is rolling in and this might have been my last dye session of the year*.

I’m always a bit sad when this day rolls around, as to me it marks the real end to summer.

* I need at least 70 degrees for the chemical reaction involved in the fabric dyeing and prefer closer to 90 degrees for better colors.


A few weeks back, Seth Apter of the Altered Page, had a paper stack challenge and dozens of artists shared stacks of their papers on their blogs.

If you are looking for a visual feast, check out his post and then browse through some of the participating artists. Yummy colors!

While I don’t have stacks of paper – I do have stacks of fabric. Textile artists – share your stack of fabric on your blog and leave a comment below so others can enjoy our (more informal) fabric stack project.
Finding Veggies in the Stack

With the colder weather, it’s now time for the fall vegetables.

I’m not sure what is in my dirt, but this year my veggies have been abundant and huge. I’ve got some big pumpkins in the garden and a few days ago I discovered some massive turnips with a 5? diameter.

Kinda reminds me of the Gilligan’s Island episode where they grow huge veggies [I’m sure I dated myself with that comment]. I can’t recall why they were so big, but I think it wasn’t good and I hope my garden just has happy dirt and not some type of radioactive vegetable thing going on.

But, clearly had some of these fall veggies in mind when I was dyeing fabric this weekend:
My Turnip Fabrics

I’m loving these turnip colors and would love to work up a small textile painting this weekend with them. I think the weather will keep me inside so check back next week to see what I’ve created.

*Does anyone have any good turnip recipes. I’m having a hard time remembering why I planted these.

Multi-Color Fabrics

Those familiar with my textile paintings know that I use solid fabrics in my artwork. Yet it is fun to dye multicolored fabric on occasion.

Since I have no use for this gorgeous yardage, I always intended to sell them and have a page set up for fabric sales. Some day I’ll get back to that project.

In the meantime, I’m selling the yard of kaufman pimatex* handdyed fabric pictured at the top of this post.

The price is $27 + shipping for the ~1 yard piece. Sold

* Pimatex = a fabulous tightly woven 100% cotton that I use for all of my artwork.

PS – Today is the last day (through tomorrow morning at 7am MST) to take advantage of the early bird pricing for my online Working in a Series Workshop, beginning October 16th. There are only 3 spots left in the class and I’m really excited to begin working with the new group of students to take them deeper into their art practices.

Read the full article here:
Playing with Color -> Finding Turnips, Pumpkins

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