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Capturing the Essence of a Turnip in Textiles

Turning to Turnips When authoritative this section I capital to abduction the aspect of the turnip. So I thought, what is a turnip? And, honestly, I couldn’t appear up with much. They aren’t actual popular, and I’m not even abiding what to do with them. I’ve spent a lot of time the accomplished 10 years […]

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Curator Watch List: Anne Ellegood

We are currently putting calm the Pacific Coast affair (NAP #97). Anne Ellegood, Senior Curator, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, did a agitating job called 40 artists from over 1,000 that activated to the competition. You’ll accept to delay to acquisition out who she called from the region. But, if we asked her what added painters […]

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Gerhard Richter: On Blurring Reality

Gerhard Richter declares his art “a secretive affair.” As such, this new documentary is a rare peek into the inspirations behind the creative process of this 80 year old artist. The artist’s actual method for creating his blurred photo-realistic visions had remained a puzzle for many of his fans. The film reveals Richter painting with […]

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Ted Stamm: Paintings at Minus Space

Ted Stamm, a painter who showed widely in New York and Europe before his untimely death at age 38 has been greatly uknown in recent years. A little, but prominent show of paintings and drawings at Minus Space in DUMBO offers a tantalizing re-introduction to Stamm’s paintings. Ted Stamm,a unique painter having all the abilities […]

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Mark Grotjahn at Anton Kern Gallery (Video)

James Kalm, AKA the well respected New York City-based painter Loren Munk, has been a well known figure in the New York City art world for years and years. When he is not painting, James is often busy visiting the dozens of gallery shows that open each month in Chelsea and New York’s other gallery […]

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West Issue #96 Sneak Peak!

The 2011 West Issue of ‘ New American Painting #96 ‘is ready to ship to subscribers with in few days. The juror for this issue was Cassandra Coblentz, Curator, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. The New American Painting is a bi-monthly edition. It is a collection of works and reviews of nearly forty artists. It […]

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Eva Hesse: Painter

Eva Hesse was one of the most organic artists. Her paintings were exhibited at Brooklyn Museum during January 2011. The exhibits reveals the sculptor’s artistic talent. It is a tragedy that her life ended so suddenly. She wrote: ” The hell with them all. Paint yourself out, through and through, it will come to you […]

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Chosen as TOSCA’s NY State Artist for 2011

Twin Cities only regional art magazine (TOSCA) selects one artist from each state each year in US. The visual artist named Lynne Taetzsch from state of New York was chosen in the fall issue. Two abstract paintings of her as well as her biography and contact information were included in the magazine. “Blue city” 36″ […]

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Charles Tyrrell: Large Scale

The recent paintings by Charles Tyrrell are among his best. Unflinching accounts of a face-on acquaintance with the darkness, they are all about acknowledging the ever-present chink of light.Monochrome surfaces embrace the turmoil while covering most, or all, of it up, yet what lies beneath carries huge weight. Pale blue slits break through black in […]

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Pietro Longhi’s The Painter in His Studio

Isabella Lores-Chavez discusses an interesting painting by Pietro Longhi, The Painter in His Studio, painted between 1741–44, now on view at the J. Paul Getty Museum. In the painting, she notes, that “Longhi wanted to show the world as it was. The Painter in His Studio shows the intersection of two social realities. The painter […]