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John McLaughlin: Against Binocular Vision

Christopher Knight profiles painter John McLaughlin, “L.A.’s first artist of authentically international stature.” Knight notes: “What McLaughlin did with these stripped-down tools remains one of the great achievements in 20th century American art. Ignoring accepted rules, his sophisticated paintings pry open perceptual space. Almost surreptitiously, they grab hold of your optical apparatus and undermine conventional […]

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Forrest Bess: 100 Years

Forrest Bess : 100 years is the good artist for painting. Forrest Bess and his friends are artists for painting of natural,and some of the arts. Arts is the good one for all types of peoples.Because the arts are very nice to see. Especially Forrest Bess is the good artist. Forrest and his friends created […]

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Anne Neely: Waterworks

Einspruch writes that Neely’s paintings “contemplate water, below the earth and above… The horizon line, often implicit in her work, became recognizable as a geographic distance… She has an extraordinary appetite for details, and details can overwhelm a composition with clutter. Placing sky above and earth below forced her myriad little shapes into one or […]

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Melissa Meyer: Paintings & Watercolors

A watercolor is the medium or the resulting artwork in which the paints are made of pigments suspended in a water soluble vehicle. The term “water media” refers to any painting medium that uses water as a solvent and that can be applied with a brush, pen or sprayer. The majority of paints sold are […]

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Sharon Horvath: Studio Visit

These are three paintings by Sharon Horvath, who is one of the first painters I met in New York through Leslie Roberts and Robert Guillot, and may have been my first studio visit as well. I had met Garry after seeking him out as an interesting artist in the group show mentioned below and said […]

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Yellow Adds a Glow to New Abstract Drawing

Drawing paper with colored pens and pencils give birth to abstract drawings. The broad sweeping lines of yellow were set to begin the drawing. Then by moving into orange, shades of brown and tan I had drawn thick lines in light violet color to show the left and right sweeping areas. The yellow is one […]

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Heart to Art: Jill Schroeder of grayDUCK Gallery

When I relocated to Austin from New York City this summer, I became inextricably attracted to grayDUCK Gallery and its consummate Austin vibe. Its location south of Town Lake puts the gallery in walking distance from “Keep Austin Weird” South Congress, and it shares a Zip Code with Torchy’s Tacos and indie record store End […]

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Paul Corvers: Mixed Grays

The various shades of gray between white and black – the human eye cant see very many shades so 256 shades is enough to cover what the eye can see – which is why a gif image with 256 levels. A method for generating a gray scale representation for a display combines analog and digital […]

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New Abstract Painting on Paper

Painting on cardboard is actual altered from painting on canvas because the cardboard absorbs the acrylic faster, and appropriately it is quick drying. In this new abstruse painting, I began with adventurous reds as the axial angel and again began to plan in from the alien edges. I formed bound in adjustment to be able […]

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Susan Rothenberg: Disparate Images

Susan Rothenburg writes about her new oil painting “White Raven”. She uses quick brush strokes and simple composition to depict a realistic raven but also to show the symbolism of movement and flow. The raven looks as if it were dancing and has the gracefulness of an acrobat but because it is a white raven […]