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Epic Miniatures

Seda-Reeder writes that “the traditional practice of miniature creation is applied to contemporary non-miniature works. And as demonstrated by artists like Ambreen Butt in Realms of Intimacy, the effect can be equal parts begging for close inspection and stepping back for the gestalt.” Read the full article here: Epic Miniatures

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Carrie Moyer: Belladonna Treatment

Sutphin writes: ” Moyer’s in-your-face compositional structures influenced by her engagement with agitprop and interest in Constructivist design give way to a kind of ambiguous space that feels extra terrestrial. These paintings are slow reads, petri dishes of biomorphic form suspended in agar. They reward patience and curiosity, no one-liners here.” Read the full article […]

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Abstract Paintings Now Available at Xanadu Gallery

I was recently accepted by Xanadu Gallery and now nine of my abstract paintings are available on their art website. Xanadu has a physcial gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona, as well as an online gallery filled with art of all kinds. They have been very easy to work with and I’m looking forward to a long […]

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Rebecca Purdum @ Tilton

Alexander writes: “The surfaces are rich accumulations of interactions and encounters over time, with thicker and thinner, oily and matte areas mingling into a dusky soup that is at once ethereal and utterly physical. Her early swirling atmospheres have over the years become more and more still, more and more content to simply be.” Read […]

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Playing with Color -> Finding Turnips, Pumpkins

The Last Dyeing? This past weekend I spent several hours in the dye studio, taking advantage of the beautiful hot fall Denver weather. Today the cold weather is rolling in and this might have been my last dye session of the year*. I’m always a bit sad when this day rolls around, as to me […]

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Generations of Color

Haber writes: “Both [artists] work in acrylic and let it flow, big time. One can contemplate its color and other pleasures, or one can dive in to look for representation. With Moyer that means women and other creatures, with Ronnie Landfield landscape. Neither rests on irony, and yet both are looking back. Only looking back […]

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Terrell James: Citizen

Simek writes: ” James’ paintings… are each a testament to paint’s pure, fleeting urge to make merry on some surface… The series Field Studies is beautifully installed on the back wall of the larger gallery, featuring eleven of James’ painting studies on paper. These are marvelous. Employing the most potent colors in this body of […]

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More Abstract Paintings Available at UGallery

Recently I put ten of my abstract paintings up at, which is based in San Francisco, California. Their website offers fine art photography, paintings and sculpture, allowing collectors to try the art out in their homes for a week before making up their minds. UGallery will even pay for the return shipping. UGallery was […]

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Robert Schwartz @ Babcock Galleries

Naves writes: “Schwartz can be fairly neatly fitted into the tradition of Magical Realism, a loosely aligned group of American painters- Jared French is one; Paul Cadmus, another- drawn to enigmatic narratives, hushed symbolism, painstaking craft and the male nude, both as historical touchstone (cf. Michelangelo) and object of adoration.” Read the full article here: […]

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Being “Under Water” in New Abstract Drawing

Being “Under Water” in New Abstract Drawing It was only when I finished this new abstract drawing and looked at it afterwards that I got a sense of being “under water” from it. I began making bold blue and green lines using the broad tips of calligraphy pens to vary the thickness. For some reason, […]