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Stephen Kasner’s thoughts

A great contemporary artist’s interview is something everybody loves to hear or read. This article shares with you the interview of Stephen Kasner and his views of himself, the world, music and his art. His experimental music is published under the name Blood Fountains and his artwork is done in photography, drawings, and paint. Album […]

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Stephen Kasner – WORKS 1993-2006

Is Stephen Kasner an artist turned writer one cannot but wonder. This talented, controversial contemporary artist has not painted for several years, yet he remains on the lips of art lovers with a taste of the weird and under worldly type of visions. His incredibly diverse interpretations of contemporary art are something you either love […]

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Stephen Kasner Enthralls and Appalls

Does sound terrible to say that Stephen Kasner, the contemporary artist appalls, but at least take note that the opposite statement is also used that he, enthralls. It is not the opinion of this article writer, as I am personally one of the enthralled ones. My personal taste is much to the dark and ominous […]

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Types of Art

Art can express many different feelings and is a description of something without words. Yet there are art forms such as abstract art which makes no sense to anyone at all yet it is very popular. Take for example the work of the contemporary artist, Stephen Kasner, he portrays in his work a dark presence […]

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What is Contemporary Art?

Contemporary art is work that was created after the Second World War, but to understand what contemporary art is and what defines a contemporary artist, you must know that it is definitely not all art after World War 2. A contemporary artist does work that is cutting-edge or avant-garde. It particularly refers to abstract work […]

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Overview of Contemporary Artists in the USA

The U.S. Labor Department estimated that around 150,000 people are making a living as artists in America. This number includes illustrators and graphic designers and it is assumed that artists of fine arts may be only a small percentage of this amount. Looking at just one contemporary artist in particular is unfair as there are […]

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Albums Done By Contemporary Artist Stephen Kasner

Art lovers have all heard of Stephen Kasner, a contemporary artist and also one of the most controversial ones around. Your mind will either be blown away at his dark talent or you will have vicious nightmares. Either way he is a remarkable contemporary artist of outstanding talent and dark vision. If you are a […]

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Who is Stephen Kasner?

Stephen Kasner is a 44 year old contemporary artist, who has exhibited paintings world-wide. He is known as a magician, musician, graphic artist, photographer, illustrator, painter and also writer of the book Stephen Kasner WORKS: 1993 -2006. Stephen Kasner illuminate the ineffable and bypass any clichéd symbol, bridging animal and human, male and female, light […]

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A drawing Artist

Drawing artists are those who pen down their thoughts, ideas, and feelings into art. These artists make use of many materials and make sure that each of their artwork is appreciated and loved by one and all. There are different types of drawing artists. They are categorized into painters, illustrators, sculptors etc. They make sure […]

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Tips to select the right pet artist

Many people think that it is very difficult for anyone to become an artist and only those who are having such an artistic talent can become artists. Well, that might not be the case always. Nobody is born perfect. Everyone requires some kind of enthusiasm in them. Like for example, a child will love drawing […]